Not all that shines is gold!

Uncover the truth beyond the paint coating of that car today.

Make sure the car is worth the price.

Pay the real car's value after identifying its paint condition.

Looks can be deceiving!

Find out the truth about that car so that you don't pay more than its worth.

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Uncover the authenticity of a car
before attaching a price tag!

Find out the real paint condition and what is behind the paint of a car body so that you make smarter decisions before purchasing the car. This unique scanning technology examines and measures the depth of car body impairments and how much of body repairs the vehicle has undergone.


How it works

The CarScan method is based on active thermography method. We are stimulating the surfaces with a high-impulse flash (measurements between 0–500 microns) and halogen spotlights (measurements over 500 microns) in a connection with an ultra-sensitive IR camera for capturing the data.

Together with a special software, we “display” the results of your vehicle’s measurements in a format that is understandable to anyone.

Entire body scan
Fully contactless
Detects micro deviations
Car unwrapping
isn't required
Comprehensive visual report
Less than
an hour

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The truth about your car paint?

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